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Vitrex's Product Range:

Introduction and Areas of Application



Education and Presentation Boards:
   - Vitrex System 1000
   - Vitrex System 2000
   - Writing Wall

   - Modular Cloakroom
   - Vanities

   - Architectural Cladding

   - Enamel Steel

   Enamel Steel Signs

Modular Cloakroom Cubicles, Vanities and Bathroom
Signage Panels (Vitraflex)


Vitraflex is a versatile and flexible modular system, offering maximum space utilization for an unlimited range of layouts and applications:
Rivers Church, Childrens Toilet Cubicles
  • Toilet cubicles.
  • Shower cubicles.
  • Combination Shower and Changeroom cubicles with benches.
  • Changeroom cubicles with benches.
  • Urinal screens.
  • Privacy (Modesty) screens.
  • Special facilities - nursery schools, toilets for the disabled, Asian toilets.
  • Vanities (Type AF and Type PB2010).
  • Bathroom Signage Panels.
Vitraflex cubicle components are manufactured as a standard with a Vitreous Enamel Steel finish or alternatively, on request, they are available in a number of alternative finishes, namely: Rigidised Stainless Steel, Formica (High Pressure Density Laminate) and Melamine (Low Pressure Density Laminate).

Advantages of a modular cubicle system over more conventional
building techniques:

    Toilet cubicles
  • Flexibility: Systems can accommodate an unlimited number of layouts and of applications. Standard and special sizes, all components are purpose made to suit the layout and site requirements.

  • Optimum Space Utilisation: The use of 20 mm panels to form cubicles can result in up to a 12 % saving on required space.

  • Dry Installation: The cubicles are installed once all the wet trades, installation of sanitary fittings and tiling have been completed.

  • Variety of Surfaces and Finishes: Suitable for any budget and application.

  • Colour Range and Colour Schemes: Large colour range to suit any colour scheme. Different colours can be used on the various panels to enhance a specific arrangement.

  • Low Maintenance: The cubicle components and vanities are virtually maintenance free, requiring only a regular wipe down.

  • Hygiene: Modular systems in general and the vitreous enamel steel surface in particular, allow for a better and more hygienic maintenance of the ablution facilities.

  • De-mounting: In the event of a refurbishment to the ablution facilities, the cubicle components can be taken down and re-installed thereafter.

Overview of the Vitraflex ´´Classic`` Cubicle System

    Greenpoint Stadium toilet cubicles
  • Cubicle Components: Partitions, Doors, Full, End, Wall and Special Wall Stiles, Urinal Screens, Privacy Screens.

  • Construction: Composite panels, outer facings compression bonded to a core of wood particle board, edges framed with extruded aluminium channel sections (beading) mechanically fixed to the panel core.

  • Waterproofing (Shower Cubicles): Open cell wax impregnated foam rubber strip, forms compression seal between the panel edge and the aluminium beading.

  • Floor Clearance - Partitions and Doors: 150 mm from the finished floor.

  • Floor Mounting Detail - Stiles (Hygienic Anchors)(Standard Detail): Bases of stiles raised 150 mm above finished floor level, stainless steel (Grade 304) hygienic adjustable telescopic leg anchors, embedded in the panel core and surface mounted to the floor.

  • Floor Mounting Detail - Stiles (Aluminium Shoe)(On request): Flush mount, base of the stiles fixed directly to the floor, aluminium shoe, 50 mm adjustment.

  • Fixing: Stiles and partitions connected to each other and to masonry walls, continuous extruded aluminium channel, screw fixings.

  • F and C Type Brackets: Discontinued.

  • Standard Ironmongery: Indicator bolt and keep, coat hook cum door stop, door butt hinges, single CP thief-proof toilet roll holder.

  • Non-Standard Ironmongery: Rising (door remains closed) and falling (door remains open) hinges, multiple thief-proof toilet roll holders.

  • Fixings: Cadmium plated fasteners (salt spray resistance), ironmongery secured by means of one way anti - theft screws.

  • Head Rail: Extruded aluminium box section, flush mounted to top of stiles, provides framing for door openings and bracing for installation.

  • Single Piece Construction (VE Steel only): Components are manufactured in a single piece construction, up to 1600 mm wide (partitions) and 1250 mm wide (stiles), no vertical or horizontal joints.

  • Vertical Joints (Rigidised Stainless Steel and Formica): Due to limitations in the material sheet sizes, all components with a width > 1200 mm are supplied with a vertical joint.

  • Aluminium Extrusions - Finish: Natural anodised (standard), powder coated and anodised (special).

Overview of the Vitraflex Vanity Systems

    Vanity Top at Soccer City
  • Construction: Vanity tops manufactured in vitreous enamelled steel, pre-fabricated to shape and size prior to enamelling and are then fitted with a suitable backer. Manufactured as a single piece in lengths up to a maximum of 1800 mm, longer lengths are made up of multiple sections.

  • Edges: Smooth radiussed edges, no steps or protruding trims.

  • Hygienic Surface: Absence of crevices and pores inhibits presence and development of mould and bacteria, surface is easy to clean.

  • Waterproof: System and surface are impervious to water and common chemicals, will not warp or deteriorate as a result of leakages.

  • Colour Co-ordination: Available in the full range of matching colours to the Vitraflex Cubicles.

  • Designs: Available in either the ´´AF Range``, with integral downstand (skirt) and fitted with or without splashback, or alternatively the ´´PB2010 Range``, with integral downstand, front access, side and back closure panels.

  • Basin and Tap Cut-outs: All commercially available vanity basins can be incorporated into the Vitraflex vanity tops, cut-outs are factory prepared with templates.