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Air Freight and Shipping of Products Around the World

Connected to South Africa, Connected to the World

Container ship en route © MSC

The port city of Durban is the primary outlet for the sea freight of goods manufactured in Johannesburg. Durban is located 600 km SE of Johannesburg, on the Indian Ocean coast of the country. Johannesburg and Durban are linked by a very well developed rail and road network.

The markets in Europe are serviced through a historically famous shipping lane, serviced on a weekly basis by a number of shipping lines (e.g. MSC and Maersk Group among others). Transit times vary on the port of destination, but in general times vary between 23 and 28 days.

The markets in the Gulf Region are serviced through a direct shipping lane operated by PIL between the ports of Durban and Jebel Ali (UAE). Transit times for the container vessels are approximately 14 days and shipments take place on a weekly basis.

South African Airways aircraft © Steven W. Evans

Shipping lanes to Asia are primarily through the hub port of Singapore. Transit times are approximately 18 days.

Our experienced Freight Forwarders will ensure that the products are shipped to the port nearest to the Client.

Air Freight services are available for more urgent or for smaller consignments and a number of carriers provide daily flights, out of South Africa's principle airport O.R. Tambo International in Johannesburg.

South Africa boasts a well developed road network which enables Vitrex to service all major centres, as well as many of the more remote localities within the republic's borders.

Clients in Botswana can avail themselves of a weekly, in-house, road freight service, whilst Customers in the other southern African Countries are reached through the use of a reputable and experienced road freight haulers.