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Applications of Vitreous Enamel

Enamelling is an ancient technology. The ancient Egyptians used enamelling to decorate pottery, stone objects and to create jewellery. The ancient Chinese used enamelling to decorate metal objects. During the Roman period enamelling was used to decorate glass vessels.

More recent examples include the 56 fantastic eggs created by the Russian jewellery Peter Carl Fabergé (1846 - 1920), of which only 46 are believed to still exist.

Domestic terminal, OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa Examples of modern uses of vitreous enamel include the production of jewellery, decorative art objects, durable kitchenware and appliances, presentation and educational boards, cloakroom cubicles, vanity tops, internal and external architectural cladding panels, enamelled steel sanitary ware, furniture and sign boards.

Vitrex's presentation and educational boards systems are used within boardrooms and in classrooms throughout South Africa, Botswana and further afield.

Vitraflex, Vitrex's modular cloakroom cubicle systems and Vanities, have been an integral part of ablution and toilet facilities for close on thirty years.

Vitreous enamelled steel Kinnear Sports Surfaces & Equipment sign Vitraclad, Vitrex's architectural enamelled steel cladding panels, are used externally on commercial, institutional, educational and many other buildings, where a maintenance-free colour finish is required. Internally the Vitraclad panels are an ideal choice where other less durable products are prone to vandalism or wear, and Vitraclad panels are also extensively used as infill and spandrel panels in curtain and window wall systems.

Eurosan and Amanzi, Vitrex's enamelled steel sanitaryware (baths and shower trays) have been installed in private homes, cloakrooms, hotels and many other facilities.

Vitrasign, Vitrex's vitreous enamelled steel signage, can be found providing relevant information in settings as diverse as an electricity structure in the Waterburg Mountain Range in South Africa or on the historical City Civic District Trail in Singapore.

Today Vitrex's continues in it's investigations to identify and bring to market new uses for this unique product.